a thousand notes

This is a collection of original fiction, nonfiction, poetry, videos and photographs I created after starting this blog as a practice in discipline. I wanted to describe something with images and words and, most importantly, do it every day.

I did just that for one thousand consecutive days from January 26, 2008, through October 21, 2010.

Yesterday, when I posted the one thousandth entry, it seemed like a good time to consider this piece of work complete. When Thoreau left Walden Pond after a little over two years, he said “Perhaps it seemed to me that I had several more lives to live, and could not spare any more time for that one.” I agree.

The entries are organized by genre including poetry, fiction, and journal entries, largely first person essays. And while every post carries an image, sometimes several images, a few posts feature only a photograph or video. If you are new to Pablo Notes, start by wandering through the Haiku Cutline...a photograph with its cutline in the format of a haiku...very quick reading.

Visit some of the locations or themes, such as San Francisco, Asheville, Bridge of Lions, horticulture or architecture. If you want to jump into a little Short Fiction, with The St. James.

I have been a journal keeper most of my life, and when I began Pablo Notes it was because I decided to take up journaling again, but instead of pen and paper, I used a blog, and instead of being personal in nature, I simply said something about something with words and pictures and, most importantly, I posted every day for a thousand days.

I hope you find a few you like, and  if you see an image or read a passage that brings a friend to mind that you’ll take a moment and share that entry with friend.

And as always, thanks for the read.