January 1960 (ii)

Early in the morning you come to me,
Out of dark and fearful nights you appear.
You come in all your beauty from sheer nothing.
My heart is warmed by your look.

In the noonday sun you come to me,
Halting everything in my grasp.
You take complete control of my being.
My heart is warmed by your smile.

Early in the evening you come to me.
Causing complete rest and ease,
You fill my heart with word and song.
My heart is warmed by your voice.

In the midnight darkness you come to me,
Causing my very body to leap with excitement.
The hopes and dreams of life become reality.
My heart is warmed by your touch.

Throughout the day you stay with me.
My aching heart knows no rest
From the thoughts of you.
My heart longs for your love.

(December 29)

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