accomplishment of sustainability

Today is the thirty-fifth anniversary of my arrival in St. Augustine. I came in a VW Beetle loaded with all my things my things. I started working the next day as an actor. The city was my first home of my choosing; when I left home I came here and have never left. But on that very hot day in the early summer of 1974 I could not have imagined that I would still be here in the early summer, a hot day in early June of 2009. An accomplishment of sustainability if nothing else.

This entry is the 500th one since the first one on January 26, 2008. When I started my goal was to say something about something every day, and I have, for 500 days, done just that...some days saying more than others. Again, an accomplishment of sustainability if nothing else.

I am glad I still live here and have lived here for 35 years.

I am glad I wrote something today and have written something for 500 days.

Now, to continue living and writing.

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