Conversation overheard near the corner of 58th St. & Madison Ave.on October 14, 1955.

- Why am I wasting my time?
- Take it easy.
- I knew they’d hate it.
- But they didn’t say that.
- Sure they did.
- They said not now. Maybe in a year.
- What? And there’s not a room full of new guys with new ideas just waiting? If they don’t buy this script now I lose my place in line.
- Phil said they might take an option.
- That’s not enough. This script has got to pay and pay big. Carol, you know this is the piece I have been working on forever. This is the story I have in me, and now it is on the threshold of being told.
- I know.
- Let’s just keep walking a few minutes.
[break in conversation as they cross 58th St.]
- That was a nice lunch.
- Marty always does a good job.
- I’m glad I was there with you.
- Yea, I’m glad you were there too. Let’s take a cab.
- Good idea.

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