High House

from Doors of Meyershire County

With over 400 years service as portal, the east door of the High House of Meyershire County, has welcomed many guests but none so humble as the fleeing Prince Daniel and his sister, Princess Helen. The story is that only hours after the valley received word that Dosart Village had fallen and that there was no sign of the Queen or her children, Daniel and Helen, the royal siblings arrived at High House, alone, seeking shelter and sanctuary. The House was, as it had been throughout the 14th century, the estate of Henry Samton. It was actually the servants of the house that took the two teenagers in knowing Samton was a royalist. The siblings were hidden in the basement and the barn and occasionally in haystacks in the field, wherever possible to keep their whereabouts a secret. The brother and sister remained at the house for six months as resistance across the northern counties garnered strength. Servants from estate to estate exchanged news when in the village and kept thus kept Helen and Daniel informed of the resistance’s growing strength. In time it was time to take back the Upper Valleys, the estate armies gathered at High House. When the two of them left to lead the Regiments of the Estates in the Battle of Hickory Valley, Daniel and Helen walked out of the same door on which they had knocked that first night. It is said, “they left as heirs and returned as wearers of the crown,” becoming the only brother and sister king and queen who ruled as equals.

It really is a rather famous door.

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