Rachel's dream (iv)

She parked her car in a vacant lot, dirt, not too recently cleared of a building like those that lined the streets. When she walked from her car and looked back, she remembered the building that was there that was now gone. She remembered it housed a store she enjoyed going to in her adult youth although she could not remember what kind of store it was. None of the stores along the street now contained their original businesses. Where there were once drug stores or dime stores or small grocers were antique shops, souvenir shops, used book stores.

Rachel walked toward the entrance of the shop adjacent to the vacant lot where she’d parked and was nearly hit by a young girl on a skateboard wearing a classic dance costume. The girl jumped off the board and bounded up the two steps toward the entrance of the same shop into which Rachel was headed. Rachel commented on the skate board and the girl proudly told her where she had gotten it. Two other dancers were waiting for the girl and then all went into the store. Rachel stopped and looked in the display window and realized that it was no longer the old book store that she had frequented, but was a dance supply store with ballet and tap shoes, costumes and a wide array of dance magazines. Rachel turned and walked back to her car.

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