first illustration (bibles iii)

The first bible was largely ceremonial,
as a gift given and as received,
as a bible to carry on certain occasions,
but not a bible for quickly
finding a passage or pointing out the reference.
It was not a working bible,
but its one illustration worked on me,
was vivid, was consistent and persistent.
Before I could read words
I could read pictures.

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Angela Christensen said...

I love this theme. Remind me to tell you about a comment along these lines I once made to our mutual friend Jayne, if I haven't told you already.

Above ALL, DO NOT stop writing. We used to say at the Booksmith that everyone has a first novel, probably, unless they've lived in a cave; real writers are those who have a well of stories from which to draw. You're the real deal.

Angie at Eat Here