i have a stack of bibles (bibles i)

when called upon to
swear on a stack of bibles
i easily can

In my life I have come into the possession of eight bibles, in succession, in different stages of my life. Some have been used more than others; all have been treated with respect as you’d treat a good knife: take care of it, but use it; that’s what it’s for.

In my early life I had the opportunity to hear very many very fine teachers preach, and many of then I asked to inscribe my bible. That is the focus for most of these recollections.

These next 20 entries look at these eight bibles and who I heard at these various times, As they were written, I though repeatedly of Harry, and how much I would liked to talk to him about all this.

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Suldog said...

Angela Christensen directed me here. I think I may be glad she did. I'm off to read some of the stories.