January 1960 (v)

Each evening
As I go to bed
I can hardly wait
For the time to arrive,
The time when fiction becomes fact.
The time when I take
The memories of our few precious moments together,
And let them take control of my mind.
They grow and expand
Into beautiful dreams.
Fantasy becomes reality.
I see you as you are,
And myself as I would like to be.
We are in a beautiful world,
A world of peace and love,
A world in which we are alone,
Alone and in love.
Nothing seems to matter but our happiness,
The happiness we have found in each other.
As long as I have you and you have me,
I feel the warmth of spring,
The silence of a snowfall,
We are together in our world of love.
Just you and me in love.
No one but you and me.
Together forever.
But then
the hated moment draws near,
As dawn breaks.
Throwing its life-giving rays
Over the earth,
I must rise and face reality.
Not the reality of last night,
But the truth of today.
Your are not mine,
And I am not yours.
The springtime warmth becomes cold,
The snowfall melts.
I must face reality
That we are not together
But rather far, far apart.
But there will be other dreams.
More dreams to escape the painful reality.
And perhaps,
Just perhaps,
Someday dreams will become the true reality,
And we will be in love,
Alone in our beautiful world,
Together forever.

(January 10)

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