January 1960 (vi)

As I walked in
Amid the room full of guests
I saw only one.
My efforts to describe you,
Or even to express my feelings
Would be useless.
As an instant reflex
My eyes searched the room
For the one who might be your date.
My heart sang as I discovered he was not there.
But even as I rejoiced
He walked in.
With an air of supremacy
Amidst a cloud of semi-impressive smoke,
I watched him take control of you.
My heart screamed as you surrendered to his invitation.
You were a forbidden fruit,
Of which I could only look.
You were a princess,
And I a peasant.
Your spent the evening with him,
Laughing, playing, drinking.
I survived the evening
Only by an occasional glance from you.
Perhaps I should search elsewhere for happiness.
But my heart will not allow it.
Perhaps I am lonely.
Perhaps I am jealous.
Perhaps I am in love.
God knows I am in love.
If only you knew.

(January 12)

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