new year's eve moon

We plant on the new moon for that is when things begin,
when we have the best chance of success with a new crop,
when we acknowledge the commencement of a new cycle.

We celebrate on the full moon for that is when the pull is the greatest,
when we feel the tug on tides and souls,
when the dark night sky and the lands below are illuminated,

So to have the moon reach its totality
on the last day of the solar year
on the last day of the first decade of a new millennium
fills me with a sense of completion, of accomplishment,
of tasks wrapped, of new opportunities.

And tomorrow the cycle begins anew,
the moon will start to wane,
we’ll turn the calendars,
we’ll open the door to a new decade.

We take what we have learned from all the yesterdays
and step into the unknown of all the tomorrows
with confidence and hope,
with apprehension tempered by eagerness,
and plant our new crops
and begin the hard work
that ensures the harvest of bounty.

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