easter flower

only the spiderwort
brings such joy to me, makes me
smile and stand in awe
at today's fresh blooms
and the infinite promise
of infinite more,
there will be no end,
there will always be more life,
it's easter's promise


Angela Christensen said...

Pablo, I feel like I say the same thing over and over again, but in many ways your blog is the most perfect distillation of the metier. I am so grateful for every single post, and I really mean that, like it had periods between every word.
Love, love.
Angie at Eat Here

lulumarie said...

Pablo, when I first moved here 30 years ago, the patch of spiderwort in my back yard was the bane of my existence ~ I tried for years to get rid of it but it stubbornly persisted ~ now when I see the blooms each year, I thank the heavens ~ as I once read somewhere, "A weed is anything we don't want in our yard."

Thank your for your photos and poetry ~ love, Lorie