parable of lemon and peas

On the day after Jesus was placed in his tomb,
and the day before he disappeared from his tomb,
he took several little known strolls
in the countryside around Jerusalem
including one in which he stopped by
Rankey’s Place, drawn there by its beautiful garden.

Rankey’s brother-in-law, Marty, and his sister, Jewel,
were working in the garden and stopped to chat with Jesus
as well as to offer him some water.

In particular Jesus commented on two plants,
a pea vine and a lemon tree. He said it thrilled
him to see a plant that held both the bud and bloom,
the flower and the fruit, all at the same time,
together, for it gave him assurances that this life,
and the past life, and the next life,
were all one life,
a grand circle.

He thanked them for the water
and went on his way.

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