the fifth bible (bibles xiv)

At E.M. Holt School, there in the early 1960's, fourth, fifth and sixth graders had a half hour of bible instruction each week. The only year I remember I remember having the class on Fridays, late in the day, so that it was the last of the last and then it was the weekend. That is where I was when the teacher told us the President had been shot. It may have been the bible teacher who told us.

The class was not indoctrination...not overtly. It was seen as hand in hand with hygiene and geography, New Math and sentence diagramming. It was to be bible as literature, as history...to fifth graders...right.

The bibles used were like textbooks. Bigger than my other bibles, harder hardback, better maps. So when we were told the school was buying new bibles, we were offered the chance to order one as well for our home. I did. As a Christmas gift for my brother. But he’s never needed it, so I have it. It is actually the only bible I have ever bought. A very sturdy book.

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