the fourth bible (bibles xiii)

The fourth bible has only one inscription, from Mrs. Andrews, Superintendent of the Junior department. it reads: Paul, you are a wonderful boy. Please stay close to the Lord
(Mrs R. H.) Nina Andrews

As superintendent, her inscription read "Mrs. R. Homer Andrews"; here it was nearly just Nina.

It is a New Testament, thin pages, flexible binding, perfect for the back pocket of jeans. I must have been given the bible when I was in the fifth grade, maybe, but did not use it until I was in high school.

As a Jesus Person, I needed to have the Scriptures with me at all times, and the little New Testament fit perfect. I continued carrying it as I drove a fork truck in the afternoons so I could go to community college in the morning. I carried it when I hitchhiked to the beach to sleep out under the stars, alone, to worship. It took the shape of a well worn wallet, or a flask. From a college bookstore bought book I added the “used” sticker because it really, really was used.

There was a time when this bible was always with me.

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