following maps (bibles xii)

The third bible, the first with no illustrations, had maps. They were better than illustrations. Maps let me go to lots of places, while listening to a teacher or waiting for an interesting part of a lesson.

I had two favorite maps in the third bible. One was the route of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, led by Moses and a cloud of fire by day and night...for forty years on a route that took 'em way out of the way. I know all about why and the lessons learned and the nation shaped and defined...but it really was the long way home for them.

The other maps were of paul's travels. Here is the johnny appleseed of the gospel. He travels all over the eastern Mediterranean and then took one long last trip to Rome. All along the way he preached and teached and helped groups of believers shape themselves into fellowships and then churches. All along the way he had tons of adventures, saw many visions, did time in jail more than once, was shipwrecked and even in some places even welcomed. I liked these maps because there were lots and lots to follow. Yep, that paul was certainly well traveled.

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